Teaching and Healing

Reiki treatment for an animal

Normally, with people, a Reiki treatment is given with the hands of the practitioner on or close to the fully clothed body of the client. An established sequence of specific hand positions (which do not involve touching any private areas of the body) is generally followed. However, more experienced practitioners will diverge from this approach at times when their intuition suggests that additional positions or changes in the sequence will better provide what is needed for the individual client.

Experience has shown that standard hand positions are not suitable for animals. Neither is lying on a treatment table. The preferred approach is to treat the animal from a short distance. Reiki;s power and flexibility is ideal for this situation and there is no reason why the animal cannot have exactly the treatment that best suits them. One of the most interesting aspects of Reiki for animals is that no two treatments are exactly alike. Each new animal and circumstance needs something slightly different, so giving Reiki treatments always involves some creativity and patience.

What happens during an animal treatment?

The duration of a Reiki treatment varies by situation, client and practitioner. Generally, hands-on or other in-person treatments for animals as well as people last about one hour. During the Reiki treatment, people and animals commonly enter a state of deep relaxation and peace. They may feel heat, tingling or pulsing. They may sigh, yawn, doze, fall asleep or even enter a deep state of meditation. Some people sense the energetic ebb and flow of the healing energy while others feel little. Regardless of their experience, during the treatment, most people and animals notice health improvements afterwards.

Costs and appointments

The first session with any animal will be spent getting to know the animal as well as checking how they respond to Reiki.

All treatment costs include a charge for mileage up to a distance of 10 miles, (i.e. 10 miles return trip), from my home. Any greater distance will incur an extra cost, which I will price and inform you of prior to carrying out the treatment. (Please note that treatments must be paid for in advance of receiving the treatment.)

Small animals such as birds, mice and rabbits usually require only 20-30 minute treatments and cost £20.00 per treatment.

Cats and dogs usually require 30-40 minte treatments and cost £25 per treatment.