Teaching and Healing

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I have a rather different background in that I started out my career as a Professional Engineer before working my way up the ladder into Production Management and then the overall running of several different types of companies. It was challenging work at which I seemed to excel winning several important internal plaudits as well as a range of National Awards for my companies. Hence you will gather that I was a very driven and task orientated individual who was not at all drawn to things like the spirituality of Reiki.

This all changed suddenly one Sunday in Church when I had an epiphany and left the service feeling unsure what had happened but I knew that I felt different. In fact I was too embarrassed to talk about the event until one day when I was organising a culture changing event in work. When I shook hands with the person giving the course, we both jumped with the shock at the moment of the handshake. We were both stunned, as it was not a 'carpet shock' but something very different. We agreed to talk afterwards and it turned out that he had spent some time in a Tibetan monastery and he felt that I had 'extra' ability which needed to be channeled. He recommended that I visit a friend of his called Tom who was both a Reiki Master and a World Kung-fu Champion.

Tom certainly put me through my paces at our first meeting, interviewing me for 3 hours as to my basic motivations, before he recommended and agreed to teach me to Reiki Level 1 standard.

The attunement was terrific. Apparently I was unconscious for over half an hour but to me this was seconds of the most marvellous peaceful time when I saw and felt so many things. In the following days I started to treat my family and carry out energy exercises as well as reading copious numbers of Reiki and related books over the next months.

A period of time later I felt the need to progress to Reiki Level 2 and, whilst I felt very little change in me at the attunement, my power levels and healing ability had gone up as witnessed by those in my circle of friends who I treated.

In the months which followed I continued my reading, spiritual thinking and I loved the feel of the flow of energy through me as well as the afterglow I got when I helped people. Gradually I realised that my gift was best put to use helping people and I felt the strong need to change my lifestyle and become a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Choosing a Teacher was not easy and I carried lots of research on the subject before I came across Taggart King's website, Reiki Evolution. The style and nature of his school attracted me and I followed and read most of the links he provided on his site.

I decided to use Taggart's school and methods but which Teacher to pick was the problem. All involved travel and extra expense but one evening when relaxing I was suddenly drawn to pick Margaret Craig's name in Glasgow. I called her the following day and we had a marvellous 'connection' whilst on the telephone.

The course she ran was excellent and far better, in my opinion, than I would have experienced locally. My fellow students were both good fun as well as dedicated and we had a first class day with Margaret.

However, I must admit that I suffered from the not unusual emotional roller coaster that can occur after a Master attunement and it took me a full 6 months to get back on an even keel.

It was then that I started to treat more complicated conditions and after another couple of months I commenced my teaching. Both of these activities have been very rewarding emotionally and I am pleased to say that I am continuing to develop personally.