Teaching and Healing


Reiki is a very simple tool to use and absolutely anyone can do Reiki. You do not have to be a hugely spiritual person or follow any particular beliefs or Religion in order to practice Reiki. So it really is suitable for everyone. Nor do you need to have any existing ability. Even a skeptic can practice Reiki. One of the obvious benefits to Reiki over many other therapies is the fact that a Reiki Practitioner can work on themselves as well as others. In fact the main purpose of the original system was not treating others but to provide a simple and effective tool to aid the students own personal or spiritual journey. The Reiki Practitioner or Teacher is never drained or exhausted from Reiki because they do not use their own energy but channel energy from an external source, i.e. the universe. Spiritual healers and Chi Kung practitioners take years, sometimes a life time to gain the same ability.

Courses are the best way forward with Reiki as you then have the ability to treat yourself whenever you need to at your own convenience. You will benefit most from Reiki if you are able to work with the energy regularly. A few treatments here and there may help but long term positive effects come from regular long-term practice or treatments. Therefore, it is also more economical to do a course than to pay for someone else to give you regular treatments.

If you have already started your Reiki training elsewhere, but would like to continue your journey with me, then you will need to do a conversion course. This simply involves learning and working with any techniques, which you have not learnt on your previous course(s). This makes sure that you are up to date with all current information as well as ensuring that you are in the same position as all students attending my Reiki classes. This service is only available to students who book a course with me.

All the courses provide a clear structure to work with and develop from. Each student is unique so you will learn techniques to help you work intuitively and develop your own unique style. Each course comes with a Reiki certificate, indicating the skills you have acquired. All students are kept up to date at all times through regular newsletters and access to manual updates.

The courses come with a comprehensive manual, plus CD's and DVD's relevant to each course. The materials provide detailed information about the theory behind Reiki, plus information on the practical work you will be carrying out. As a student you will receive long term support and advice included in your course price.

For each of the three Reiki levels, there are three options you can choose from:

1. Weekend teaching workshops that allow you to train with me, over one or two days depending on the course, with no more than four students.

2. Correspondence Courses that allow you to study over a period of several weeks, in your own home at your own pace.

3. One to One sessions, (available Tuesday to Friday by arrangement), provide individual training with me, with no other students, when it suits you.

Use the links below to find out more about all the courses available and how to book.

Level 1 - Self Treatment

Level 2 - Reiki Practioner

Level 3 - Master/Teacher