Teaching and Healing

General information

Reiki works by bringing your energy system into balance promoting your own ability to self heal on all levels. This principle underlies many holistic and Eastern practices, except with Reiki there is no need to manipulate or apply pressure, we simply flood the energy system with a neutral, positive energy, gently balancing and harmonising the person's energy system. Reiki cannot do any harm as the person on the receiving end is in control of how much energy they take and where it goes. Reiki will only work for the highest good of the person.


A Reiki treatment is usually done lying on your back on a treatment table, in a relaxing atmosphere, although Reiki can be carried out anywhere. You are fully clothed for a Reiki treatment as the energy can pass through clothes, jewellery and other objects. The practitioner can work with their hands on or off depending on where they are working. There is no need to make contact with sensitive, painful or intimate areas. You will have your eyes closed if you are comfortable doing so and most practitioners will ask you to remain quiet during the session and discuss your experience afterwards. During the treatment you may feel deeply relaxed or even fall asleep, you may experience sensations such as heat, tingling, energy moving around your body, floating or sinking, you may see colours whilst your eyes are closed. People experience a wide range of sensations and the ones listed here are the more common ones. Some people don't experience anything when receiving Reiki and this is not really a problem it just means that the person doesn't sense energy as much as others. This is similar to the way that some of us have better eyesight than other people.

Frequency and duration

If you are going to opt for treatment then it is best that you have a series of four to six treatments over weekly intervals. As the energy builds up in your system you will gain more through regular sessions that leaving long gaps between. This is the best way to achieve more long term results and once the energy system is well balanced then you can reduce the sessions. I would recommend one session per month in order to maintain a well balanced energy system. The length of a treatment session depends upon the amount of energy that you system wants to absorb during the treatment but as a general guideline, the maximum duration of a treatment from arrival to departure is one hour.

General outcome

In the long term Reiki can help people feel calmer, more positive, less stressed and better able to cope with whatever life throws at them.

Cost of treatment at my home

Treatments with Reikiwellbeing cost £45 each at my home and also you can book and pay for four sessions within a 60 day period and save £15.
(Please note that treatments must be paid for in advance of receiving the treatment.)

Book a single treatment

Treatments are available on Weekdays and Saturdays by appointment. To book call 02890 826992 and tell me the type of treatment you are requesting and have in mind possible dates and times you can come to my house.