Teaching and Healing

This page supplies a few chosen links for information and services that I hope will be of benefit to you. You can read about Reiki and begin to comprehend the breadth as well as depth of the subject.

1. Reiki Evolution

This is the school/style of Reiki to which I belong and in which I am proud to be a Master/Teacher. This is a very comprehensive site with a lot of content and many very good links in its own Resource page.

2. The International Centre for Reiki Training

A lot of information concerning all aspects of Reiki e.g. What? Who? When? Why? How?

3. UK Reiki Federation

An independent federation of Reiki individuals who have formed a national umbrella organisation for education, training and guidance in the public practice of Reiki.

4. Google maps

Incase you missed the link on my Contact page

5. Amazon - (not active link)

This is a very souirce of Reiki music CDs such as those by Stephen Halpern.

6. Other resource - Design Flair

If you live near me in Belfast or Lisburn, Northern Ireland, then you may be interested to visit my wife's Soft Furnishings web site,