Teaching and Healing

Reiki treatments

I offer treatments for both people and small animals in my own home. If you are interested in a treatment, please go to either my People page or my Animal page for more information on cost and how to book.


The voluntary regulations for Reiki Practitioners are being finalised at present, so it is very much down to you to make sure you do your research properly and take your time finding the right Practitioner.

There are various governing bodies for Reiki that list professional Practitioners and Teachers, this indicates that the practitioner has taken the trouble to become a member of an organisation, has shown that organisation their qualifying certificates and they usually have public Indemnity Insurance. Ultimately, if you feel that you have been misled or poorly treated you can contact that organisation to discuss your complaint. I am a member of The UK Reiki Federation. Please visit their web site to see their ethics and stance on treatments; UK Reiki Federation.

Any good practitioner or teacher should be happy to chat with you about Reiki and their background. (Please note that Reiki treatments may vary from practitioner to practitioner).